A Brand, a Story


Princesse Soleil is first and foremost a nickname given to me as a child, but more importantly, it is the mark of the support I have always received from my family.

Princesse refers to femininity, feeling-good and feeling beautiful. The jewelry I make is first and foremost a way to showcase yourself, without trying too hard!

Sun, for radiance, nature, joy, the animal world but also for the warmth and comfort of a home.

Princesse Soleil, a perfect combination of words to make unique creations shine!

  • The Beads

    Most of my creations are made with Japanese Miyuki glass beads, a brand created in 1949. It has become world famous and is now synonymous with quality for its perfect shapes. In Japanese, Miyuki means "Good Fortune". I also use crystals, in the shape of spinning tops or facets, from Swarovski or Preciosa. Finally, I sometimes use semi-precious stones in my creations and fresh water pearls (for example in my Wedding collections).
  • The Prints and Hooks

    I use prints that I find in small stores in Paris or on Etsy from other small companies to support their business. They are in limited editions depending on my finds and their stock. These prints and the fasteners I use are mostly stainless steel or 925 silver or gold plated. I can make adjustments upon request according to your preferences and allergies. All hoops are guaranteed lead and nickel free.

Care Tips

Here are some care tips so you can protect your jewelry and keep the gold and silver plating on pearls and prints as long as possible:

- Avoid contact with water, perfume and cosmetics;

- Be sure to store your jewelry away from light;

- Take it off to sleep and during physical activity.

If your jewelry loses its shine, you can clean the stainless steel parts with a few drops of white vinegar on a soft cloth.